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jueves, 14 de mayo de 2015


Photo by: Sergio Castro


_ Smiles & Happiness _

miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2015


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"Living the present, making every single day a little piece of heaven on earth; thinking of the future, building piece by piece the life that I want to my beloved ones & me for tomorrow. Maybe this could be the way to get our personal paradise". 

— Smiles & happiness —

jueves, 17 de octubre de 2013

jueves, 5 de septiembre de 2013

THE ONE (Verschränkung Session) by Cristian Leyva DJ

Photo by: Sergio Castro.


I love this track so I choose it to open this session ;o) ENJOY!! 


Starlight shimmers everywhere, There's a certain something in the air, 
Can you feel what I feel in me? 
It's in the air, Electricity. 

Glimmering under neon lights 
I can see the look that's in your eye 
Like a shooting star in the galaxy 
Making its way to the heart of me. 

I'm the one 
Love me, Love me, Love me, Love me 
I'm the one 
Love me, Love me, Love me, Love me 
I'm the one 
Love me, Love me, Love me, Love me 
I'm the one 
Love me, Love me, Love me, Love me 

My pulse is racing & I'm feeling high, 
Never ending starts tonight, 
When you do what you do to me 
Come on and let yourself feel the need in me 

Circling and we're getting close, 
Can you imagine, Just suppose, 
It's a feeling that I need to know, 
Close to touch like Michael Angelo. 

Can you Hear me? 
I'm connecting with you, 
Can you feel me? 
I'd do anything to 
Have you near me 
I was wondering, Will you reach me?

miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2013

"GIFT OF LIFE (Session)"


We all.
We are all made of dust. Yes!
But of stardust.
Children of the light, not of the darkness.
Creatures in search of a treasure, a treasure called happiness.
Passengers of this blue ship full of life, which we call home.
This home which feed us, which nourish us, which fill us with hope and light every day to find our purpose during this long trip finally!

Thank you Universe for giving me a wonderful gift as everyone else in this ship; but most for giving me the greatest gift of all...the "GIFT OF LIFE" :o)

Dedicated to one of my heroes...


Estamos hechos de polvo, ¡sí!
De polvo de estrellas.
Hijos de la luz, no de la oscuridad.
Criaturas en busca de un tesoro, llamado felicidad.
Pasajeros de esta nave azul llena de vida, a la cual llamamos, hogar.
Hogar que nos alimenta, nos nutre, que nos llena de esperanza y luz cada día para encontrar al fin nuestro propósito durante este largo viaje.

Gracias Universo por regalarme un don maravilloso como a todos en esta nave; pero sobre todo, gracias por el más grande regalo..."EL REGALO DE LA VIDA" :o)

Dedicada a uno de mis héroes...